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Rattlesnake Shake Lyrics
Baby if you got to rock
I got to be your rockin horse
Baby think you'd like to roll
Maybe your diggin' it more

They're shakin the world
When it's time to crash
But when I get home tonight
I guess I got to shake myself

You need some love
You must have the blues
Ain't but the one thing
A good man can do

He do the shake
The rattlesnake shake
Man do the shake
Yes and jerk away the blues
Now jerk it

Now I know this guy
His name is mick
Now he don't care when he ain't got no chick
He do the shake
The rattlesnake shake
Yes he do the shake
And jerks away the blues
Now jerk it
[Rockin' The Joint : 10/25/05]
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