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The Hop Lyrics
Thinking bout the night life
In the ladies powder room
Brother's like a howling wolf
By the light of the silvery moon

Joey's like a Pavlov's dog
When he starts to salivate
A hardened man himself
It's hard to shake his rattle snake

Me I got a brand new babe
You know that something just ain't right
Yeah yeah
Can't stop rocking tonight

Hanging at the shopping mall
With a watchman full of sash
Leave your smile outside the door
Cause the kids be kicking ass

My old boot heels be smoking
You really got to understand
We're burning down the town tonight
A when the new shit hits the fan

Me I got a brand new baby
You know something just ain't right
Yeah yeah
Can't stop rocking tonight
Yeah yeah
Can't stop rocking tonight

Laying on her back tonight
To watch the moon eclipse
Baby eating out tonight
But I just ain't leaving tips

So y'all best watch out what you do
And who you do it with
Cause you'll be kicking ass tonight
With the boys in Aerosmith
[Done With Mirrors : 11/09/85]
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