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Tom Hamilton
Tom Hamilton (Bass) - Maybe its the fact that he is the tallest member of the band that does it, we are not sure, but Tom is the practical joker of the group. Don't put anything past him. As for his musical talents, Tom's bass work is the soul of Aerosmith. He plays with passion and joy at the same time. Tom is a master at his craft and it shows on every track the band has recorded.
Thomas William Hamilton
12/31/51 Colorado Springs, CO
6' 1"
Star Sign: 
One sister, Two brothers
Tom Hamilton
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Tom began playing guitar at the age of twelve, then switched to bass because the only local band needed a bassist. He co-wrote three of Aerosmith's hits, Sweet Emotion (perhaps most noted for the bass line), Janie's Got a Gun, and Jaded. He plays rhythm guitar on another song he co-wrote, Sick as a Dog and also co-wrote Uncle Salty from Toys in the Attic. He married Terry Cohen in 1975 and they have two children. Hamilton was the last member of the band to come clean of his drug addictions, having smoked marijuana up to the recording of Permanent Vacation. In August 2006, he announced that he was diagnosed with throat cancer and completed a seven-week course of radiation and chemotherapy. He was forced to miss Aerosmith's Route of All Evil Tour. David Hull (who has played in The Joe Perry Project) filled in for Hamilton. Hamilton had never previously missed an Aerosmith show. He joined the band for the performance of Sweet Emotion at their Boston show in September 2006, and at the private show at the Beacon Theatre in New York, on December 3, 2006, where he reclaimed his place with the band for the entire performance. Tom is the tallest member of the band at 6'1". He is also the funny one of Aerosmith, always looking for chances to make jokes in interviews and also being one of the bigger talkers at interviews.
Tom has used a wide variety of bass guitars over Aerosmith's career. He has stated in several interviews that his first bass was a Fender Precision that he borrowed and later bought from a friend. During the early years of Aerosmith and the time after their reformation he often used a Fender Precision, a Fender Jazz, or a Gibson Thunderbird. However, during the making of Just Push Play he called upon a Hofner Violin Bass or a double bass during many of the recording sessions. Recently he has favored a modified '51 Fender Precision Bass with double pickups instead of one for the recording of Honkin' On Bobo and the subsequent tours following the album's creation.
Tom Hamilton
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