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It all may be old hat to the long time Aerosmith Fans out there, but we found an article on CouncertTour.org about the boys that we thought was interesting.
"Egos have never been a subtlety for Aerosmith. They are one of the most successful bands ever, selling over 150 million albums - and plenty more once lead singer Steven Tyler became a judge on American Idol in 2010. Much of the Aerosmith's past conflicts have been between Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry, nicknamed the "Toxic Twins" for their collaborative party habits."
Read The Full Story on the ConcertTour.org web site. You may also want to visit their Aerosmith Page to all of the great Aerosmith news they have available.
Visit this Aerosmith concert tickets page at ClickitTicket.com.
There you can get tickets for Aerosmith's latest tour with Slash
in cities across the U.S. like Las Vegas and Mansfield.
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Steven Tyler To Have Knee Surgery - This November will be a busy one for Steven Tyler but not in the usual way. He will be rehabing from knee replacement surgery that is long over due. Normal down time for this procedure is anywhere from three to four months. All of us at AerosmithFans.com wish Steven the best and speediest return to doing what he does best.
Music From Another Dimension - Well folks we have finally had a chance to let the latest release from Aerosmith sink in. We spun the CD so many times it is almost worn out and the conclusion is unanimous for us and quite honestly we have given the whole CD a complete rethink. Music From Another Dimension fist came off to us as yet another sad attempt by the band to fit into the pop world and leave their rock and roll roots behind them for good. However after giving it a few extra listens, we hear some of the old school Aerosmith that we all love. While there are still too many sappy "professionally written" throw away songs (can you say Dianne Warren), there are a substantial number of tracks that just plain rocks. We really hope that they guys release one last REAL rock and roll CD before they retire. Specifically one with no pop tracks written to grab chart spots and nothing more. For now, Music From Another Dimension is a big step in the right direction.
Back On The Road - Step right up Aerosmith Fans everywhere! The greatest rock and roll band to ever come out of America hits the road around the world in 2014. The following dates have been confirmed and tickets are on sale now. So start making plans to rock your ass off. If you go to any of these shows please send us your concert recap and pictures. We always love to hear from fans sharing their Aerosmith experiences!
 Wantagh, NY
 Mansfield, MA
 Cincinnati, OH
 Tinley Park, IL
 Inglewood, CA
 Las Vegas, NV
 Stateline, NV
 Concord, CA
 Quincy, WA
 Denver, CO
 Dallas, TX
 Atlanta, GA
 Atlantic City, NJ
 Newark, NJ
 Bristow, VA
 Clarkston, MI
The members of Aerosmith have had an impact on many fans from the first time they played straight through to today. If you have a story to tell, we would really like to hear from you. Please send send an email to our webmaster with how the band has influenced you. We will go through all of the submissions and post all we have room for!
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Lastly we would like to thank all of the people who supported us in building this site. Friends and family have been extremely supportive of us and the endless hours that have gone into the design and upkeep of the site. We have often had to put aside some our personal time with them and spend those hours and minutes here instead. Thanks to all of those who understood and continue to understand that this is a passion for all involved. Each of us appreciate your compassionate understanding and support more than you will ever know. We hope that the results of our efforts here reflect for you some of what it all means to us.
Upcoming Aerosmith

Tom Hamilton - 12/31 (61)
Brad Whitford - 2/23 (61)
Steven Tyler - 3/26 (65)
Joey Kramer - 6/21 (63)
Joe Perry - 9/10 (62)